Sitemap Mano VGTU Medeinė
When creating the first of its kind creative space  in Lithuania, VGTU collaborated with the University of Napier in Edinburgh. This partnership is an opportunity to learn from real examples and  to move the best foreign universities' experiences to Lithuania.
VGTU “LinkMenų  fabrikas” activities are focused on:
  1. Innovation and research – scientific knowledge to make use of real market problem-solving, innovation and implementation.
  2. Young creators' practical education – the centre gives every opportunity to develop interdisciplinary teamwork between different specialists and allows young people to adapt university or school knowledge in the implementation of real technical and artistic creation projects.
  3. Entrepreneurship promotion – the centre promotes innovative and modern ideas through the use of its premises and equipment as well as practical introduction to the market. The center also helps businesses search for talented and creative employees.
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