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"VGTU Formula Student Racing team" is building and designing an electric sports car at the new VGTU "LinkMenų fabrikas". The team consists of students from the transport, mechanics, electronics, creative industries and architecture faculties. This summer the team will take part in the annual competitions in Italy.
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"Lazdynų ship"  was constructed within 2 weeks by 11 VGTU students. The realization was possible because of the contributions by the Vilnius city municipality and "Lazdynų housing". The technical work was done by students at the newly opened VGTU "LinkMenų fabrikas" space and and using its machinery.
Our partners UAB “Baltic Pallets” provided us wooden pallets, which VGTU "LinkMenų fabrikas" transformed into amazing furniture. This opportunity showed that, given the right materials and a creative place - you can make anything.
The VGTU students contributed in converting the vehicle’s internal combustion engine to an electric one. This electromobile has been adapted as a autonomic, portable charging station for mobile devices and already visited several events. It can charge 26 mobile phones at the same time, also one accumulator can charge about 1,000 devices.
“WeBlend” is a healthy lifestyle community and a trend of a healthy drink everyday. Their main product is a new generation blender, used to share at home, in the workplace or at the gym. The startup will try to conquer not only the Lithuanian market, but also the international waters.
The new project “isort” created a recyclable materials sorting system. The main product “Spider bin” - is an adaptable frame for different garbage bags. While cooperating with the project “isort”, we created an upgraded “Spider bin” plastic prototype.
The Pancake printer was created using CNC (Computer Numerical Control), so the pancakes are printed with different images. This printer will let you feel the joy of creativity and by using flour, water and eggs, will give you access to the latest technology from up close.
It’s a binaural audio recording and rendering technology that was designed in VGTU "LinkMenų fabrikas", allowing you to create a highly realistic 3D sound effect. The listeners can feel as if they were next to a playing or singing artist
It’s an installation, which lets you hear what is usually unheard. It turns out that the seemingly silent household electronics that surrounds us every day are actually quite noisy and determined to finally reveal this to us.
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