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Services for business

By combining creativity and expertise we help to solve relevant problems:
  • evaluate the perspective of a product or technology from a business point of view;
  • create prototypes, using the latest technological solutions;
  • analyze the possibilities for commercialization and create advertising for products.
We invite you to cooperate in the following areas: 

3D printing and layouts

  1. 3D printing (using ABS plus material).
  2. Cleaning using ultrasound.
  3. 3D modeling.

3D scanning

  1. 3D surface scanning of different shapes and sizes(up to 120 m and not smaller objects than 1X1X1 m).
  2. Setting geometrical parameters of an object, creating spatial models.

Printing and Layout

  1. Poster printing.
  2. Sticker printing.
  3. Manufacture of packaging.
  4. Making badges.
  5. Binding.
  6. Lamination.

Electronic and Electromechanical works

  1. Design of principal electric schemes.
  2. Design and manufacturing of printed circuit boards.
  3. Composition of electronic systems.
  4. Optimization of electronic systems.
  5. Electromechanical works.

Wood works

  1. Projecting.
  2. Milling.
  3. Cutting.
  4. Polishing.
  5. Corner cutting.
  6. Selecting fastenings for wooden constructions.
  7. Shaving wood.
  8. Cutting with a compass-saw.
  9. Drilling.
  10. Product assembly.

Metal works

  1. Projecting.
  2. Cutting.
  3. Drilling.
  4. Polishing, sharpening.
  5. Bending.
  6. Welding.
  7. Pressing.
  8. Threading.
  9. Quality assurance.
  10. Product assembly.

Filming and Photography

  1. Filming / photography.
  2. Editing video / photographic material.
  3. Adding special affects.
  4. Applying Green/blue screen.
  5. Applying Color screen.

Creating videos, reportage and advertisements

  1. Directing.
  2. Producing.
  3. Editing.

Sound recording and creating soundtracks

  1. Musical instruments, voice recording.
  2. Multi-tracking (up to 22 channels).
  3. Record editing.
  4. Dubbing synchronous noises and voices for cinema (Foley).
  5. Creating soundtracks for advertisements.

Coverage of various surfaces

  1. Surface preparation for painting.
  2. Covering surfaces with paint.
  3. Painting optimization.
  4. Assuring paint thickness.
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