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LinkMenų fabrikas Who are we? VGTU "LinkMenų fabrikas"
VGTU “LinkMenų  fabrikas” - is a space for everyone who wants to create, develop and implement their ideas. Center workshops and bureaus are designed to be used by creative and innovative people, from beginners to professionals. The aim of this creativity and innovation center is to become a venue for practical workshops and the realization of various projects.
In collaboration with national and international partners, the center focuses on developing students' creativity and practical skills by inviting them to the first such workshop in Lithuania.
VGTU “LinkMenų  fabrikas” contains mechanics, wood, metal, painting, 3D printing, electronics, transport, technical and creative spaces, advertising, photo / video and audio recording studios. It accomodates teamwork, creative inspiration spaces, lounge area and is equipped with the most advanced modern technology, which allows a team of developers working in different areas to turn interdisciplinary ideas to real products and services. Active cooperation with various businesses will allow the best ideas to move beyond the threshold and become real market products.
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